Watch: Facing the Mortgage Crisis (Part 4 of 4)

Thu, Sep 10, 2009

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In this 4 part program, KTEH assembled a group of experts who offer advice on foreclosure, foreclosure prevention, loan modification, predatory loans, real estate fraud, tenants rights and more.

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  1. Sharon Pelle Says:

    Chase Home Finance, LLC offer to modify my mortgage loan in Feb2008. Aug 12, 2008, after 5 months of waiting for the modification, and following their instructions to telephone them every 3-weeks, Chase Home Finance auctioned my home of 24 years. Is there any recourse of action. Please, please assist me.
    Sharon Pelle
    510 845-1962

  2. Viola Reda Says:

    The debt organization industry is just one that is notorious for fraud and taking advantage of customers. It is usually encouraging that the corporation has been excellent to this point. I might do a tiny way more background checking within the corporation to build certainly there aren’t any major complaints about the care organisation. For extra security, I’d make an effort to deliver your financial debt supervision organization a letter or email (anything in writing) to let them know that you choose to will be sending with the remaining balance. This way you’ve got a little something else to point to if the worst happened and items don’t go as planned.

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